I provide healing circles and individual sessions for womxn of color that are also learning to love themselves. Healing circles are spaces to create, define, and build sisterhood.
During individual sessions we co-create a space to learn about the ways we cope and heal from pain that is unique to us. Our surviving is isolated and silent, but healing doesn’t have to be.
Follow the links below to learn more about the services provided.


Healing Birth

Love is revolutionary. Being a mom is revolutionary. Creating, birthing a Black family is revolutionary. I approach birth work as social justice work, using Afro Indigenous modalities to help heal and support birthing persons and families prenatally and postpartum. Birth work is a skill passed down for generations in my family and through my ancestors. … Continue reading Healing Birth

Healing Circles

Aiming to create community outside of a digital platform, I hold and design a series of healing circles. Healing circles are group gatherings where people come together to heal with intention, through discussion, movement, and practice. Some of the healing circles are one-time events and others meet on a weekly or monthly basis. Read on … Continue reading Healing Circles

Healing Self

Therapy is a witnessing of stories. We need a place to consistently take our stories so that we have different perspectives and are encouraged to have community witness and validate our truths. I remember and witness stories to keep our memories alive for healing, teaching, and learning to keep us rooted and connected to ourselves, … Continue reading Healing Self