Healing Self

Therapy is a witnessing of stories. We need a place to consistently take our stories so that we have different perspectives and are encouraged to have community witness and validate our truths.

I remember and witness stories to keep our memories alive for healing, teaching, and learning to keep us rooted and connected to ourselves, each other, and to the collective. I am a therapist and I have been a therapist for as long as I know.

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If Liner was not in the room my aunt and I would not have known what to do. If I was alone I feel like I would not have made it. From translating to birthing positions and teaching me how to be a mom for the first time, Liner was extremely supportive. Helping me cope emotionally as my immediate family was not present meant so much, she never left me alone. There are not enough words for the gratitude I feel for Liner. Her presence before, during, and after the birth has made all the difference. Everyone needs a  doula like Liner.”


“Liner connection to spirit is amazing. I had many questions in my heart and they were addressed from the get go. Liner is such a nice person and walked me through everything(this was my first reading ever).I felt very comfortable the entire time. Overall my reading was incredibly healing and exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t recommend Liner more.”