One of the most fundamental tools in decolonizing, undoing sexism, and surviving oppression, is learning to love ourselves. In both my healing circles and individual sessions, I encourage self and collective care in order to appreciate ourselves in ways that only we can, because as women of color, loving ourselves is revolutionary.

Even in learning to reconnect with my feelings and my body, I still felt like something was missing. I realized healing survives only through the connection of self with community. Community supports our inner healing and inner healing supports our community.

Liner Nuñez is a queer AfroLatina from the Dominican Republic. Holding a B.A. in Gender Studies and a Masters in Social Work in Community Organizing, she spends her time transforming silence into action. As an act of interrupting and undoing gender based violence, racism, and colonization, her work is dedicated to nurturing one’s niña interior. Liner’s most powerful actions of resistance are in the development and facilitation of healing circles, birth work, individual counseling, and ancestral healing retreats.